Its reported that children today spend less time outdoors than prisoners in maximum security jails!  In our work world we spend much of our time and energy telling anyone who will listen how important it is to enable young people to get outdoors.

Information like this is hard to comprehend, especially when Down Under we are experiencing a stunning summer filled with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activity.

If you’re needing a bit of inspiration to get outdoors this weekend, check out the latest interesting things we found from around the web:

Dr Helena McAnally has worked on many research projects with young people, and has a focus on well-being and health of the youth of Aotearoa; she shares her recent research on the importance of taking our young people outside.

19 year old writer Scotty Hernandez  talks about making the most of his Outward Bound experience.

Duncan Gardner’s interview with Dr Nicholas Kardara on the cocaine-like effect of your child’s screen addiction is food for thought for all you parents out there battling Fortnite indoors.

Its always good to get a range of contributors.  Here’s a blog from Sampreeth Reddy Samala and his take on the vital role outdoor learning has on all-round growth of Gen-Z.

Last but not least, we have our very own Rob Hamill, Board member and all round great guy sharing his and his families adventures through their Vlog The Cruising Kiwis – a great watch!

Have a great weekend!

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