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Teachers on Camps

Outdoor education provides an opportunity to enhance the well-being of individuals, groups, and communities by involving them in activities that foster enjoyment, adventure, and challenge. By increasing students’ environmental and ecological understanding, outdoor education can also help to develop their commitment to take positive action to preserve and protect the environment. The staff at POET are essential in the design and development of our camps at years 9, 10 and 13.


“They provide expertise in event planning, organisation, and risk­management that we do not always have on-site. Moreover, they provide professional learning opportunities in outdoor education that build the capacity of our teachers.  The staff at POET are a pleasure to collaborate with as they support us in aligning the NZ curriculum with local content, history and place. The POET ethos complements our school philosophy which is based around student agency, inquiry learning and curriculum integration.”

-Amy Hacker, Principal Paeroa College


“Another significant aspect of the additional resourcing is that all our students’ tutor teachers (form teachers) get the opportunity to spend time at camp where they develop of a broader understanding of their students. This broader perspective is reciprocated with students too, seeing their teachers as real people, thus positive relationships are strengthened.”

-Clive Hamill, Principal Melville High School


“We are proud of our Tuakana-Teina model where the senior students mentor the junior students in positive role modelling. This includes peer mentoring, restorative conferences and leadership support activities.”

-Chris Jarnet, Principal Ngaruawahia High School