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Attending Year 13 camp was a really fun experience for me; doing activities while being surrounded by my fellow peers has helped me to gain better trust and stronger relationships with them. The activities from camp were organized in a way that we had to work as a team which helped each student with teamwork skills and leadership skills. The activities have helped me improve my own teamwork skills – being more of a team player and working alongside my team apart from going solo. It’s also improved my leadership skills by learning to quickly provide solutions and also to make decisions to help others. These skills which I have developed will be a great addition to my life.

Camp was a great opportunity, a great experience for me and also a great learning tool.

Being a leader on Year 9 camp was also a good experience. It enabled me to put the skills I learned from Year 13 camp to the test.  At times, it was challenging to keep students in line and to get everyone to participate, but in the end everyone joined in. Being a leader was never an easy job, challenges such as lack of participation and helping to organize activities did cause a bit of stress. But being able to work alongside the Year 9s and resolving the issues and helping them get involved was worth the stress.

I would love to be a Year 9 camp leader again and would highly recommend for anyone able to accept the role to take it. Year 13 camp was a great help in preparing me to be a Year 9 camp leader.


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