A podcast for people interested in outdoor education in NZ.


We chat with people working in the outdoors who share their knowledge, experience and tips. Our podcast is designed to:

  • Provide schools and teachers with valuable information about outdoor education
  • Promote outdoor education for youth and why getting outdoors is important
  • Provide a platform for people involved in the outdoors in NZ to share their ideas, learnings and experiences
  • Inform people so they know about POET are and our work


Introduction to the Outdoor Classroom Podcast

Welcome to¬†The Outdoor Classroom, brought to you by The Perry Outdoor Education Trust (POET). In this episode you’ll find out who POET is and what our podcast is about. Music By @freebeats.io


Episode 1 of the Outdoor Classroom Podcast

We chat with Shanan Miles who runs Outdoor Education at Wintec in Hamilton, New Zealand, about how he got into outdoor education, what it’s like working in the industry and words of advice for future outdoor educators. Music By @freebeats.io


Episode 2 of the Outdoor Classroom podcast

We chat with Tash Staheli-Lowe, Community Ranger for the Department of Conservation in the Waikato, New Zealand, about her work as a DOC ranger, ways DOC supports environmental education and tips for teaching youth to care for their environment. Music By @freebeats.io


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