The weekend is nearly here and whether you’ll be spending it indoors or outdoors, we’ve brought you five more links from around the web to read in your downtime.

Should kids climb trees? How high should they climb? Which trees are safe to climb? A whole heap of questions we’d never considered before and a great article by Celia Hogan, board member of Education Outdoors NZ:

We see this in action on our camps – this article talks about the benefits of getting outdoors to kids’ bodies and minds:

We can’t help by be fascinated by this discovery of a ‘vampire’ kauri tree stump and what this might mean for our forests:

We love this photo taken by Grace Hill, aged 12 whilst she was on school camp – it won NZ Forest & Bird magazine’s Parting Shot prize:

Another New Zealand wildlife discovery – scientists have stumbled across the remains of a super-sized giant parrot that stalked New Zealand 20 million years ago – and was half the height of a human:
This week, mega penguins were also discovered:

Enjoy the read(s) and whatever your plans – have a good one!

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