Hi everyone – what are your plans for the weekend? With the weather warming up here in the southern hemisphere and Christmas fast approaching we’re all brimming with plans to get outdoors – camping, tramping, bike rides and even getting out in the garden are all on the agenda!

Whatever your plans might be, if you find you’re in the mood for reading some blog posts this weekend, here are a few interesting things we found from around the web:

Passion for being in nature drives award-winning outdoor ed instructor
Mark Parfitt is an inspirational outdoor education instructor at Nayland College in Nelson; it’s always inspiring to read the insights of someone working in the same field and a lot of what he says really resonates with us.

The next generation of Australian schools
Some interesting things are happening just over the ditch – we find it encouraging that outdoor spaces are increasingly being recognised as important for learning, as well as socialising, exercising and relaxing.

Beat the Blues: Exercising in Blue Spaces
Especially great news for us living on an island – exercise near water – it’s good for you!

Learning in nature brings conservation to education
A news article from earlier this year that’s worth a read if you missed it – about the positive impact of nature on our children’s health and what they’re doing in Marlborough to provide opportunities for children to be involved in conservation.

Poly courses return to Central
Good news for those wanting to study outdoor education in New Zealand.

Have a great weekend!

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